inquisitive child looks at a butterfly

Why? Matthew 19:14

Posted August 22, 2014
By Kevin Spear

inquisitive child looks at a butterfly

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Let the little children come to me. Matthew 19:14 (NIV1984)

Scruffy sneakers kicking up dust clouds, tousled blond hair as a halo, freckled face peering up at me, trusting…. “Gramma, what makes the thunder? Why do ants run around so? Where does the sun hide at night?” I look at that wondering innocence and eagerness, and ask myself, Where did that go from me? “Oh, child, thank you for your wonderful questions. Let’s go ask the Father.” Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:4 (NIV1984)

Written by Joyce G. Stevens for Reflections™

From our August 17, 2014 Reflections Weekly Worship Bulletin Service.

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