Warner Press Appoints New Adult Curriculum Editor | CHOGnews

Posted May 22, 2014
By Kevin Spear

Kevin Stiffler

Photo: Kevin Stiffler

The Church of God News blog recently made an announcement we are excited, yet a little melancholy about.

Warner Press Appoints New Adult Curriculum Editor | CHOGnews.

We are excited to be working with Kevin Stiffler again. Kevin is a great wordsmith who has left a positive mark on our youth curriculum. We are sure he will continue to bring his high standards to our adult curriculum.

Yet, we are melancholy about Reverend Sam Collin’s departure as the adult curriculum editor. Sam has a wit that has brought smiles and laughter to everyone he has worked with. He has also excelled as our adult curriculum editor. We are glad he will continue to serve as a consultant for us and will look forward to his.

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