Eggs in carton

Crushed or Not Crushed: An Easter Science Experiment for Kids

Posted April 1, 2015
By Gwynne Watkins

Eggs in carton

Need an idea for this Sunday to use with your children’s ministry or just want something fun to try with your kids at home? This simple science experiment from our teaching resource book Easter-rific uses only eggs, an egg carton and a heavy book to teach kids an important lesson about Easter. Here’s how!

Resources Needed

  • 4 uncooked eggs
  • Egg carton
  • Heavy book (at least 2 pounds)

The Fun Stuff

  • Place the eggs, pointy end down, in the egg carton and inform the kids that these are uncooked eggs, NOT boiled ones.
  • Two eggs should be side-by-side one space in from the end of the carton, and the other two eggs should be side-by-side one space in from the other end of the carton. (A general rule is that the distance between the eggs should be about an inch less than the length of the book that you are using.)
  • Let some of the kids experience the weight of the book.
  • Ask: What do you think will happen if I put this book on top of these eggs? (Now, gently place the book on top of the eggs.) Did the eggs break? I sure thought those eggs would’ve been squished by that big book. But, they weren’t. Amazing!

The Main Thing

What is so amazing about Easter? Jesus did not stay dead. He was not “crushed” by Satan! We were surprised when the eggs weren’t ruined, and Satan must have been flabbergasted when his plan to crush Jesus in death backfired.

You’ll find more exciting science experiments, games, object lessons, and storytelling ideas for teaching about Holy Week, Easter, the Ascension, and more from children’s ministry expert Tina Houser in Easter-rific: Teaching Kids…It’s More Than Just One Day!

Easter-rific! book cover

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